Refuse Collection


We provide well-organised and responsive refuse collection services for millions of UK residents.

Regular, efficient refuse collection is a fundamental requirement for a healthy, hygienic community. To many residents our services represent the visible face of their Local Authority.

As a result, our clients rely on us for well-organised, responsive services, which satisfy the demands of environmental legislation and millions of residents across the UK.

Veolia is well known for delivering consistently high service standards.  Working with our Local Authority partners, we establish customised household waste collection operations, which meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our friendly, professional staff are encouraged to develop strong relationships with their communities, improving our ability to respond quickly to local issues.  Many of our contracts also include a dedicated helpline where residents can contact us directly with any concerns.

Veolia’s efficient refuse collection services are supported by the best available technologies.  Our research and development activities help us to minimise our environmental impact and meet practical challenges with progressive solutions.