Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals



The fast paced development of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries require an adaptive and flexible utility supply to maintain product quality

Modern pharmaceutical facilities have complex energy needs including production, laboratories, cleanrooms, storage and offices. Strict quality controls and demanding environmental targets add to the challenge facing energy managers in this sector, whether you deal with active ingredients, biosciences, finished pharmaceuticals, chemicals or medical services. The use of energy experts is an essential element to successfully manage energy usage.

Managing energy and maintenance costs

Veolia, using our proven approach, works with customers in the pharmaceutical and related industries to create a site-specific plan to manage systems, upgrade equipment and schedule maintenance thereby delivering optimised energy performance, improving maintenance and reducing cost.

We provide the heat and electricity that supports world leading R&D and ensures the quality of unique cancer drugs used in 130 countries worldwide, asthma drugs and inhalers, and the human genome research facility. the efficiencies we create lowers the energy cost and therefore the drug cost.

Secure energy supply

Maintaining a secure energy supply is a key risk that needs constant attention and management. Veolia has many years experience in working with customers to mitigate this risk. Our energy audit, conducted with the customer, identifies all risks to energy supply and a plan is put in place to mitigate these risks.

This plan includes constant monitoring, planned maintenance and timely intervention to ensure that equipment is available and operating as required.

Commitment to quality and compliance

Veolia’s clients benefit from the skills of its technical energy specialists and its unparalleled experience in managing energy efficiency in a wide variety of facilities around the world.

Veolia is ISO accredited and has a detailed quality management system allowing seamless integration with client quality systems. We help our clients to reduce risk through clear lines of responsibility and complete traceability. 

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