Preserving and saving resources

Preserving and saving resources

We collaborate with our customers to provide tailored solutions that help to save and preserve precious resources.

Tailored customer solutions
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We work closely with our customers to understand their priorities and help them to gain more value by using resources more efficiently. Using our water, waste and energy expertise, they are able to cut their dependency on natural resources, generate less waste and save money, contributing to their own sustainable development. 

Our sustainable closed-loop solutions (PDF xx MB) are often highly specialised and, on occasion, we have to pioneer bespoke approaches to address a particular customer’s challenges.
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“We collaborate with customers to preserve and save resources. By addressing their specific challenges through bespoke closed-loop solutions, we bring them value, not just in terms of cost savings but also in reduced emissions, and from a reduced risk from resource volatility.”
Pat Gilroy, COO – Industrial Customers UK, Veolia

Performance highlights

138,000 tonnes end-of-life wood diverted from landfill to power biomass-fuelled energy plants

Over 300,000 m3 wastewater on customer sites recovered for use in industrial processes

99% materials from decommissioned oil rigs recovered

Recycling water for food production

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Working with a leading food producer in Kent – a region of water scarcity – we have designed, built and maintain a recycling facility that treats 72% of the company’s wastewater to drinking water standards. This is the UK’s first example of recycled water being used in food production and saves the customer more than 400,000 m3 of water each year.

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New life for old timber

Wood you believe it?

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When Dairy Crest asked us for help to run its cheese factory in Cornwall on renewable energy, our solution was a biomass plant powered by waste wood from local construction and manufacturing companies. Having removed any nails and staples for recycling, the wood is sorted, shredded, dried and made into fuel pellets. This has reduced the plant’s annual CO2e emissions by 60% and reduced waste to landfill by 18,000 tonnes.

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Our technology turns waste, wastewater and wasted heat into green products and clean energy.

The circular economy push
We are leading the way in the circular economy, helping our customers to create value by closing the loop.

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For more information about our approach and our progress, read our latest Sustainability Report.