Preserving peatlands

Pro-Grow is rich in nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, vital for plant health and soil structure. It improves moisture retention, breaks down heavy clay soils, and adds humus to light or sandy soils.

In 2013, we sold 63,501 bags of Pro-Grow, exceeding our target of 60,000 bags. We have set ourselves a target of selling 1 million bags by 2016, representing £2.5 million of revenue to Veolia. We will do this by selling Pro-Grow through commercial retailers, as well as selling to consumers local to our composting sites (reducing distribution costs and carbon). We are also developing a baby Pro-Grow bag for customers to carry home in inner-city locations such as street flower markets.

Veolia is demonstrating that it is possible to bring waste back to life
Food peelings can be transformed to liquid fuel