Binman Blocks Runaway Van

On Tuesday 26th March, a quick thinking driver from Veolia Environmental Services, which provides recycling and waste collections for Camden Council, was praised by Police after he used his vehicle to block a runaway van entering a busy cross junction. 

The driver, Jose Dias, was travelling along West End Lane when he noticed the van rolling backwards downhill towards him with the man chasing after. Swift thinking Jose turned the vehicle to the right blocking the road and therefore stopping the van from running away any further. 

PC Robert Slater from Camden Police's Safer Transport Team said, "We attended to the collision on West End Lane, NW6 and discovered that a van had been parked at the top of the hill, when its handbrake appeared to have failed causing it to roll backwards down the hill. The dustbin lorry had seen this unfolding and blocked the path of the van causing it to stop. The actions of the dustbin lorry driver potentially prevented a serious injury."

Jose Dias, driver from Veolia Environmental Services said “When I saw the van rolling down the hill at quite a speed my first thought was to make sure my team were safe and that no one would get hurt. I knew I had to do something quickly to block the road so I swung the vehicle around to ensure it couldn’t go any further. It’s just part of the job protecting the public and something I am proud to do!”

Pascal Hauret, Veolia Environmental Services, Regional Director London said “Due to Jose’s quick manoeuvre an accident was prevented from a busy junction where a lot of pedestrians cross the road. We train our staff to keep the public safe and Jose is a shining example of this!”