Budget 2014

Estelle Brachlianoff, Veolia Environnement, Executive Vice President, UK & Northern Europe, said:

"The UK recovery is currently being driven by increased consumption and requires both international and domestic investment to deliver sustainable economic growth.

"Whilst the Government has made no secret of the fact that it would welcome greater inward investment, particularly in infrastructure, we agree with the CBI that'actions speak louder than words'.

"As a multinational company which has already invested £1.6bn in UK PLC since 2000, we are waiting for tangible signs of this engagement which in a competitive market would encourage us to select the UK as part of our next long-term investment cycle.

"We currently have a'shovel-ready' recycling and energy recovery facility still waiting for Government go-ahead despite planning authority approval, and being the result of an initiative by the local authority to increase landfill diversion.

"It is these types of delays which make institutional investors concerned whether the UK is indeed'open for business'. The Government must ensure it has the appropriate planning, environmental and permitting regime in place if it is to attract inward investment which will create vital jobs and growth in the future."