Council celebrates 20 year partnership with Veolia

The Council's Executive Councillor for Environmental Services, John Reilly, met with Ian Williams, Regional Director of Veolia Environmental Services, to mark the anniversary.

Cllr Reilly said: "Recycling and waste services in Trafford have been completely transformed over the past few years. Our colleagues at Veolia have played an important part in these changes and always take a positive and proactive approach to the Council's recycling and waste reduction initiatives. 

"This strong partnership working has been key in helping us to introduce and deliver the services that support our residents in being able to recycle more than ever before, and this in turn has been instrumental in seeing our recycling rate shoot up to over 50 per cent."

Ian Williams added: “Our crews are delighted to have played their part in helping Trafford Council and local residents more than double recycling rates in six years to be among the best in Greater Manchester. The recent introduction of food waste collection services has further increased recycling opportunities and we look forward to diverting even more waste from landfill in the future.”

Some of the key achievements for the Council and Veolia in the past 20 years include:
1997 The introduction of residual wheelie bins in place of sack collections
2004 The introduction of borough-wide recycling services using box and bags
2004-05 The introduction of borough-wide garden waste collection services
2005 Trafford achieves a 21 per cent recycling rate
2008-09 The restructuring of recycling services from box/bag to wheeled bin system
2011 Trafford achieves a recycling and composting target of 45 per cent
2011 The introduction of co-mingled food and garden waste collections