Dalkia to provide modern CHP to Stechford Cascades

Looking carefully at the centre's requirements, Dalkia installed a 140kWe CHP unit. This unit will maximise Stetchford Cascades' energy efficiency, while maintaining a comfortable indoor environment for its users. In fact, energy bills could drop by as much as 25-30% and around 300 metric tonnes of carbon per year could be saved.

These benefits are significant for the leisure centre. The multi-facility swimming centre plays host to a number of national competitions.In addition, the centre features a 25-metre pool, a family pool, slides, waterfalls, spa pools, a gym and aerobic studios.With this, the leisure centre relies on efficient and stable heating, electricity and cooling.

Small-scale onsite CHP technology is a means for organisations to generate their own power alongside large volumes of heat in the form of hot water or steam. In cases such as this, where cooling is also required, a tri-generation plant is employed. The result is electricity, heating, hot water and cooling all from one source.

CHP uses heat created during electricity generation that would normally be wasted through its release into the natural environment through cooling towers, flue gas, or by other means. Instead, CHP captures most of the by-product heat for heating purposes and/or hot water. Also, as the energy is transported on a local network it reduces the amount of energy losses, which can occur during grid transmission over long distances.