Dalkia provides cost effective energy to a Hackney community

Committed to providing low carbon cost effective energy to communities where fuel poverty is a real issue, Dalkia's specialist CHP company Cogenco, has installed a 375kWe CHP to replace the existing heating system for the estate, which was approaching 55 years old.

After becoming increasingly inefficient to run and expensive for residents, initial funding to replace old and failing energy system was backed by the Homes and Communities Agency Low Carbon funding Initiative to Hackney Homes.The new CHP system, installed by Cogenco, is part of a wider initiative by Hackney Homes, which aims to connect over 500 residential units to 1km of heat network piping. The provision of a local demand-side energy network will help to maintain efficiencies, because energy that is generated only has a short distance to travel, so energy losses are minimised. Residents benefit from ample heating, while power is guaranteed with capped costs that protect tenants from rising fuel prices and the threat of fuel poverty.

Damian Shevloff, from Dalkia's specialist CHP company Cogenco, explains how the CHP system will benefit the Cranston Estate: "It was hugely important that the existing heating system was replaced with an energy efficient alternative in order to meet CO2 reduction targets.Cogenco's CHP system, which has provided Hackney Homes with a long-term sustainable solution, additionally reduced fuel bill for customers whilst importantly, minimised carbon emissions.

CHP plants provide electricity, conserving the resulting heat from a single fuel source. A typical CHP is more than twice as efficient as separate grid generation and conventional boiler plant, which provides an efficient method of energy generation and reduces an organisation's reliance on grid energy.

The CHP system, which was installed in the subterranean basement of the Cranston Estate by Dalkia's CHP specialist division, Cogenco, involved a complex on-site strip and rebuild of the unit.