Dalkia supplies CHP to Brussels hospital

Leading energy management services provider Dalkia has supplied St-Anne St-Remi Hospital in Brussels with combined heat and power technology (CHP). The plant will help to lower its utilities cost by using a single fuel source for the generation of electricity and hot water and is expected to save the hospital some 370 tonnes of CO2 annually.

Chirec operates a total of six hospitals across Brussels and Braine. St-Anne St-Remi Hospital is the group's third site where Dalkia's CHP division, Cogenco, has installed a CHP engine to cover the continuous demand for electricity and hot water.

The 238kWe plant uses natural gas to fire the CHP engine and recovers the waste heat emitted during the electrical generation process. The retrieved thermal energy is in turn used to produce low-grade hot water via onsite boilers.

Dalkia provides guarantees on energy efficiency and availability as part of its service package, vital to continuing the hospital's 24/7 operation. "Electricity and hot water are a question of survival in the hospital environment, so their non-stop use is likely to drive up energy bills. The CHP, however, makes more efficient use of the primary fuel source, which helps to cut utilities cost and carbon emissions", says Jonathan Wray, International Business Manager at Dalkia's specialist CHP division, Cogenco.