Dalkia to support the STEMNET ambassador programme

The STEM Ambassador programme, which relies on over 25,000 volunteers to offer their time and energy to promote STEM subjects, enables young people to develop and sharpen their skills, whilst improving employability and their choices in the UK's competitive employment market. STEM Ambassadors are from STEM backgrounds, and can contribute to the scheme in a variety of ways. Extra-curricular activities, regular lessons, career days, visits and clubs are a number of ways in which STEM engages young people. The schemes key idea is to take a fresh perspective and capture the imagination of people in inspiring new ways.

STEMNET, who are keen to encourage more technicians to engage the next generation and help fill the skills gap, described as critical to the future of the UK's economy, have welcomed the support from Dalkia.

Fundamental to Dalkia's corporate responsibility and values, developing key skills of its employees and engaging the interest of young people is important in developing the future of the industry.

Derry Carr, a STEMNET ambassador from Dalkia, commented: "The STEMNET scheme has enabled Dalkia to make a worthwhile difference in the local community. As an ambassador, we have challenged the stereotypes young people have about STEM subjects in an exciting and engaging way, whilst developing key skills required for a future in the industry. Dalkia hope to encourage more of its employees to become STEM Ambassadors and inspire the next generation of budding STEM enthusiasts."