Duracell powers up with BatteryBack

The joint venture between Veolia Environmental Services and WasteCare, BatteryBack will collect, treat and recycle portable batteries on behalf of P&G in order that it can meet its obligations.

Growth in the BattreyBack scheme means that Veolia is now bringing forward plans to establish a UK portable battery recycling facility which will allow it to offer a total solution involving collection, transportation, bulking sorting and recycling of portable batteries. This will make it possible to manage and control every stage of the process with a level of involvement which delivers cost benefits to its members. 

Chris Turner, Recycling Services Manager at Veolia Environmental Services added: 
“This decision reflects the global business relationship developing between Veolia and P&G, and BatteryBack’s successful development of an extensive user-friendly collection network via its ubiquitous BatteryCans in major schools, retailers and local authority premises. 

“We are growing as a scheme in producer market share and have seen an increase in battery collections since the start of the year. The first year’s battery compliance process for the UK is nearly complete and we have already met our 2010 target. 

“Veolia is committed to continuing to increase its collection infrastructure in anticipation of the first mandatory targets for the UK in 2012. A lot more needs to be done to raise awareness and get more people to bring their batteries to collection points – a challenge for all schemes. We will continue to work closely with our clients to increase recycling and collect more batteries.”

Peter Hunt, Chief Executive at WasteCare said: “We are already collecting around 40% of all portable batteries being collected in the UK and have been impressed by the support we have received from major retailers. The more batteries we can collect through our battery collection points the lower the cost for our producer members and indirectly consumers, as well as reducing the environmental impact of the collection process.”

Khush Marolia, Duracell’s Global Sustainability Manager, said: “Duracell sees its relationship with BatteryBack as an opportunity to bring P&G’s sustainability vision into the field of collecting and recycling spent batteries. In doing so we are moving from a standpoint of regulatory compliance to a model of compliance causing the least burdens on the environment. Our goal is to demonstrate that battery collection and recycling can be net positive for the environment compared to landfilling and then to maximise that benefit as far as possible.”