Flurries of praise for Veolia crews 2013

Veolia Environmental Services recycling and waste collection crews across the country have been praised by members of the local community for continuing to deliver great customer service during the challenging weather conditions that the Winter months bring.  Here’s a summary of some of the letters, emails and tweets of praise.


• I just want to express my gratitude to Michael and Eddie who were working in Cranley Gardens N10 at 11am today, 21 Jan, who rescued me and my toddler granddaughter when my car was stranded on the ice in the Hornsey Church car park. When we finally came by on foot 10 minutes later, they were busy rescuing another woman in the same car park. Their cheerful helpfulness was a credit to themselves and hopefully will reflect well on them as employees.  Local resident

• Just wanted to say thank you for the huge effort everyone made to ensure the game went ahead yesterday (Tottenham vs Manchester United). It is impossible to single out any one individual for praise as it was a true team effort in every sense of the word.  Please thank your team for their relentless efforts in gritting the surrounding infrastructure, in particular the immediate areas adjacent to the Stadium which were gritted time and again. Without your additional support during the game, we would have been forced to request that the game be postponed.  Stadium Director, Tottenham Hotspur FC 

• For the first time in many years, the pavements along Marlborough Road between Myddleton Road and Northbrook Road (N22 8NN) have been gritted. I think in the past, we have missed out as we are bordering the boundary with Enfield. As a person with mobility problems, the fact that the pavements between my property and Myddleton Road have been gritted will enable me to get to the local shops. Thank you so much for doing this. You may not realise it, but it does make a big difference to myself and elderly neighbours.  Local resident


• Twitter praise: I want to big up all the Tower Hamlets council workers out gritting the pavements this morning. You are all awesome. @Whiskyfizzle 

• Please pass my thanks to all your team.  The borough’s main roads were great and all but three schools are fully open, I travelled through three London boroughs at 7 am this morning and TH was by far the clearest well done.  Corporate Director of Chidlren’s Schools and Families


Can I please thank all LBB and Veolia waste staff who have coped admirably with the recent weather conditions and managed to collect form a significant number of homes within the last 2 days.  Local resident, Bromley


“I imagine that most people will only contact you when there is a problem with their waste collection services so I wanted to send you some good feedback.  My two year old son is fascinated by bin lorries (he has a toy one) and is absolutely smitten with the guys who come and empty our bins.  On collection day he makes me open the window so we can hear when they are in the road behind us.  As soon as he hears them it’s coat and shoes on and he’s out the front waiting.  Any weather, and once in his pyjamas!  The guys on all three of the trucks always wave and say hello and make a fuss of him while they do their collection.  It really makes his day and he tells everyone he sees and all his friends at nursery that he’s seen his mates the ‘bin men’.  So aside from the outstanding reliable and efficient service they provide (very impressed they managed to collect in the ice and snow recently), they go above and beyond to make him smile.  They don’t have to do it, but they do and I just really appreciate it, and so does my son.  PS if you ever have an Open Day at your bin lorry depot please let me know, it would be like Disneyland for my boy!”  Resident, Tilehurst, West Berkshire


A resident called to thank the team who handle the waste collection for their property for excellent service as they have gone above and beyond the call of duty to collect the waste from their home. The resident is on an assisted collection and says there is a lot of snow on the ground which the team have struggled through to collect the rubbish.  Local Oswestry resident

“People often write to complain but when good things are done, no one bats an eyelid. We live in Minsterley, Today we had our recycling collected. I’m not sure if you have looked out of the window today but I can assure you its darn windy. In short, the streets rubbish ended up in mine and next doors garden. I had started to go and sort the mess out but the bin men to their credit came and sorted out this massive pile of rubbish for me as best they can I expected them to leave it as it was no longer sorted nicely in to boxes! I wonder if you can send a thanks to the bin men on the round down here today, make sure there supervisors/bosses know they are doing a good job and representing the contractor in a very good light.”  Resident, Minsterley, Shropshire


The Business Manager of Park Hill Infant school said “A huge thank you to the team of men who cleared all the paths and access points to the school site.  They did such a good job; the staff are all so pleased!  She wanted to give credit to the team who worked so hard to clear the area.  “