Industry urges consumers to back plastics recycling

The TNS poll of 1,000 adults was conducted on behalf of M&S, Veolia Environmental Services, Closed Loop Recycling and RecycleBank.

Chris Dow, Managing Director of Closed Loop Recycling, says: “Great Britain is a nation of Great Recyclers and we have some recycling facilities that are the envy of the world. It’s fantastic that we can now put a plastic milk bottle in the recycling bin, knowing it can be recycled into a brand new milk bottle again. 

“But the issue we now face is how to make the most of these ‘closed loop recycling’ facilities. Only 45% of plastic bottles in the UK are actually collected for recycling, so there is certainly room for households to up the ante. Put simply, more recyclable plastics in means more recycled products out.” 

To raise awareness with consumers and help drive recycling rates, M&S, Veolia Environmental Services, Closed Loop Recycling and RecycleBank have launched a new video to demonstrate the capabilities of closed loop recycling. 

The video visualises the lifecycle of an M&S plastic milk bottle. Launched today, the film takes the viewer on a journey through all the different stages of the recycling process as it travels via the shop shelf, refuse collection vehicle, materials recovery and reprocessing facilities before returning to the M&S store.

The film can be viewed here and it represents another important step in driving home the message that recycling works.

Dr. Helene Roberts, Marks & Spencer’s Head of Packaging, says: “This video is a great way for everyone to see the sustainable lifecycle of an M&S milk bottle. All of our milk bottles are made from at least 10% of recycled plastic. We’re committed to making even more of our packaging with recycled content and to do this we need more materials at a higher quality. That’s why as part of Plan A, our sustainability programme, we’ve made over 90% of our packaging recyclable and we’re working with local authorities to help collect even more packaging materials to close the recycling loop.”

Paul Levett, Veolia Environmental Services’ Deputy Chief Executive added: “This film explains what happens to a milk bottle from the Your M&S store shelf to the doorstep and back again. It’s fun to watch, and gets across the recycling message in a clear way which is just what consumers want. The results demonstrate what can be achieved when leading players get together to achieve a common goal.” 

Sue Igoe, RecycleBank MD for the UK commented: “The use of incentives to reward people for recycling and divert waste from landfill has worked very successfully in the UK. This short film helps to demonstrate what an enormous benefit can be driven by rewarding green behaviours.”