Legislation is changing...that may affect your waste

All previous methods of classifying and labelling hazardous waste arisings and dangerous substances - e.g. the Dangerous Substances and Dangerous Preparations Directives implemented in the UK under CHiP Regulations - will cease to exist.

As a result CHiP will be replaced with the direct acting European CLP Regulation that implements the Global Harmonisation System, GHS, initiated by the United Nations back in 2003.

What does the regulation mean for your business?

Although waste is exempt from certain aspects of CLP e.g. labelling, the Waste Framework Directive states that classification of waste as hazardous must be based on EU chemicals classification legislation. 

This means CLP methodology MUST be used when classifying waste and the onus is on industry to establish such hazards before wastes are recovered, recycled or disposed. More importantly for you, it could mean that some wastes classified as non-hazardous today may be classified as hazardous from June!

How can Veolia help?

Our technical teams are ahead of the game. They have already established and implemented systems to classify waste materials using CLP-GHS methodology and are busy reviewing our customers’ wastes to ensure classification is fully compliant with the changes. 

In certain cases, this may mean that Veolia will ask for further information about your waste; how it was produced and the chemical compounds it contains. 

We may also need to analyse new samples at our accredited laboratories but in most cases it will be a simple desk-top exercise for our technical experts. Any changes will be communicated to you well in advance of the 1st June deadline. 

Our sales team will help our customers fully comply with their legal hazardous waste and duty of care requirements and will be liaising with prospective customers and industry associations to make sure any questions get answered.

Peace of mind - guaranteed!

Hazardous waste is a highly regulated market. At Veolia, we make sure your waste is collected, treated and processed safely, efficiently and within the law.

Want to know more?

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