Mains renewal schemes cut the risk of bursts

The company regularly monitors more than 1,000kms of pipeline in the Folkestone and Dover area and identifies and replaces sections of mains where the risk of bursts is high.

Mains replacement schemes have been completed at Cherry Garden Lane and Cherry Garden Avenue in Folkestone, at Grace Meadow, Whitfield in Dover, at Green Lane in Rhodes Minnis, at Stelling Minnis on Stone Street (B2068), at Lyminge on Longage Hill, and at Agester Lane and Walderchain in Denton.

Veolia Water Southeast Pipelines Manager Steve McIntegart said the schemes will significantly improve security of supply in several areas.

He said: "This is essential work and our rolling programme of mains renewal helps maintain the extensive network of pipes across our operational area.Pipes in some areas can be relied upon to last for many years but in difficult ground conditions more frequent replacement is needed.

"We have to carefully check on and upgrade pipes so that our customers can rely on high quality water being available at the tap with no unexpected interruptions to supply."

The mains renewal schemes were part of a £34.5m investment programme that Veolia Water is undertaking in the Folkestone and Dover area in the five years to 2015

Steve McIntegart added: "We keep disruption to the minimum when renewal work is being undertaken but inevitably there is some inconvenience from traffic management schemes linked to the mains replacement. We would like to thank everyone for their understanding and to assure them that there will be real long term benefits from these schemes."

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Notes to editors:

1.Veolia Water supplies 44 million litres of water each day in South and East Kent to a population of more than 158,000 people.

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