New commercial MRF set to boost recycling rates

The £500,000 facility will be able to sort commingled paper, cardboard, cans and plastics collected from an anticipated 2,500 commercial customers around Derby. It will be able to handle up to 30,000 tonnes of recyclable materials each year and will also take municipal recyclables from district and borough councils around Derby.

The MRF was opened by Tom Spaul chief operating officer for Veolia Environmental Services. He said: “Consumers and businesses are becoming more aware of the need to turn waste into a resource. However, it has been challenging for businesses to recycle as they sometimes have 10 different types of waste and the task of recycling can seem overwhelming.

“We are going to make it easier for our customers to recycle by offering a commingled collection service where the customer can have one bin to dispose of card, paper, plastic and cans.'