New Waste Legislation

Do I need separate bins for paper, plastic, metal and glass?

There is no ‘one size fits all’ collection system. A Dry Mixed Recycling collection (collecting recyclates in the same container) that excludes certain materials (e.g. glass and food); with efficient separation at a material recovery facility produces a ‘high quality’ recyclate, which will meet the requirements.

Separate collections are only required if later sorting cannot guarantee a quality recyclate or promote waste further up the waste hierarchy. It is not for you to worry as it is our responsibility to offer you a service that complies. All you need to ensure is that the correct items are placed within your mixed recycling containers so that we are able to separate these at a material recovery facility.

So what do I need to do as a business?

Materials only need to be collected separately when necessary, practical and if there is a positive environmental benefit. We are asking our customers to ensure that only the correct items; paper, card, plastic bottles and cans are placed in your Dry Mixed Recycling containers.

Veolia will make sure we collect and treat all your materials in the most environmentally efficient way. Our technology allows us to provide you a service that complies with these regulations for your peace of mind. 

Any Questions? 

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