Recent rainfall is welcome, but does little to help drought conditions

After two successive autumn and winters of well below average rainfall, the Environment Agency has declared over half of England to be in a state of drought. At this time of year, most rainfall is absorbed by trees and plants for growth, or is lost to evaporation. The soil above the underground chalk aquifers, from which Veolia Water takes most of its water, has also become so dry that rain will either run off the surface into rivers, or be absorbed by the soil and not permeate downwards.

Mike Pocock, Water Resources Manager of Veolia Water said: "The critical period for recharging our aquifers is between October and March each year. The recent rainfall has been good for the environment and reduces demand for water.Unfortunately this rainfall is unlikely to replenish groundwater levels in our region.

Following the unusually dry weather we have experienced over the past 24 months, we will need prolonged and substantial rainfall over next autumn and winter to recharge our aquifers and to move us out of a drought situation."

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South East England is experiencing the worst drought in 100 years. Please help us to ensure that there is enough water for all our needs by using tap water wisely.

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