Top tips for businesses getting ready for winter

Winter across the whole UK brings extreme weather conditions with snow and ice impacting on business activity. There’s snow time like the present for health and safety with an increase in slips, trips and falls during this period. Make sure your waste plans are wrapped up this winter with our top tips.

• During this period does your business create extra volumes of waste? We can provide you with additional bags or we can organise for an extra collections to stop waste from building up

• Ensure your recycling and waste containers have a winter service, if you notice a fault contact your local team who will get the container repaired

• Order extra salt in advance to keep your pavements and driveways slip free for access for your staff and for our operatives 

• Find a covered area to store your containers to stop lids from freezing over and to stop snow from building up on top to allow ease of access

• Keep gutters in tip top condition to stop any excess water from leaking on to pavements and roads to reduce slips on ice

• Ensure your containers are in easily accessible areas to ensure your service is free from interruptions. 

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