Using chemicals in the garden safely

However it is important that these chemicals are used and disposed of correctly, otherwise they can pollute rivers and ponds and damage wildlife.

Veolia Water continually monitors the quality of water in rivers and groundwater. Our water treatment processes remove pesticides and other chemicals, to ensure a safe and high quality supply of tap water.

Alister Leggatt and Debbie Loftus, Catchment Officers from the Veolia Water Catchment Team, are keen to encourage gardeners to follow this advice:

·Look for an organic alternative to control pests and diseases. There are many effective, environmentally friendly products available in garden centres. You can visit: for more information

·Always read the product instructions before purchasing and again when using chemical pesticides, to ensure safe use

·Follow instructions carefully. Never be tempted to use more than directed or a stronger concentration (it's unlikely to be more beneficial and can be harmful to plants and animals)

·If your garden or allotment is close to a stream, river or ditch, take care when applying pesticides (particularly slug pellets) and do not apply them next to the watercourse itself. Only apply them when it's not raining or when rain is not expected, otherwise they may get washed into the river or stream

·Make sure pesticides are stored in a safe place and packaging is tightly sealed, to avoid spillages

·Labels should be left on unfinished products, so that they are easily identifiable in the future

·When disposing of pesticides, never pour them down the external drain or any other water drainage system, such as toilets and sinks

·Ask your local Council for advice on the safe disposal of pesticides, packaging and containers

Debbie Loftus said: "Our Catchment Management Team is focused on promoting good practice in the safe use, storage and disposal of potential pollutants and showing how everyday activities can impact on water quality and the environment."

"Everyday activities can have a significant impact on the environment, so we work to help our customers and businesses understand the part they can play in preventing contamination."

For more information, please contact the Catchment Team via email: [email protected]

Notes to Editors:

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