Veolia announced as National Business Awards Finalist

The company launched a new strategy last year that focused on the key objectives to manufacture green products and create green energy. The strategy focused on sustainable development and around fifteen projects encompassing improved operational efficiency and growth in areas like organic products, biogas, fuel from solid waste and decommissioning as well as leveraging diversity for growth and becoming known as the champion of sustainability.

Estelle Brachlianoff, Veolia’s Executive Vice President for UK and Ireland said: “Sustainability isn’t just part of our business it is our business! We’ve worked hard to transform our company with our new strategy to become a manufacturer of green products and energy. We’re proud to be leading the circular economy in action not just words”

Stephen Ibbotson FCA, Director, Business, ICAEW, judge for the category said: “Veolia has already demonstrated its commitment to sustainability, but in 2014 they have redoubled their efforts and launched a new sustainability strategy almost doubling their investment to a huge £300m whilst still remaining carbon neutral.”

Finalists were chosen from the hundreds of businesses that entered or were nominated across 17 award categories. They will now prepare for live presentations to expert juries who will decide the overall winners that will be revealed at the awards ceremony on 11 November.

The National Business Awards supports The Prince’s Trust, a charity that offers practical and financial support to young people who need it.