Veolia Drives Off with a New Green Toyota Fleet

Today Veolia Environmental Services has welcomed the arrival of 28 new Toyota Auris Hybrids to support its UK commercial services sales force. The cars were brought into the existing fleet and were selected as part of its on-going commitment to reduce its carbon footprint and further improve its environmental performance. 

Designed to offer lower operational costs and lower emissions the Toyota Auris Hybrid efficient engine saves fuel and CO2 per year allowing the driver to travel over 700 miles on one tank of petrol. The Auris provides the lowest cost of ownership in its segment with just 10 per cent Benefit in Kind taxation, and zero vehicle excise duty (or road tax) due to its sub 100g/km CO2 emissions. There are further carbon savings as the car is built in the UK, which adds to the already high number of green credentials. 

David Lusher, Executive Director, Veolia Environmental Services (UK) Plc said “We fully recognise our responsibility in relation to sustainability and anticipate that after this initial trial our hybrid fleet will continue to grow. Hybrid technology is an alternative that Veolia has been actively following in all areas of its fleet for cars as well as light and heavy commercial vehicles.”

This introduction of the Toyota Auris Hybrid represents the first policy driven implementation of this technology to Veolia’s car fleet, a significant step from a user choice basis of Toyota Prius. The new fleet of cars will be utilised throughout the UK by local sales teams. 

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