Veolia Gains Planning Approval for CHP Plant at Sth Liverpool facility

Liverpool City Council Planning Committee has granted planning permission for a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant at Veolia Environmental Services’ solvent recovery facility at the Weaver Industrial Estate, Garston. The company is planning to invest £3.5m in the new plant which will significantly reduce the facility’s carbon footprint.

Based within its existing Garston facility, the CHP plant will fully utilise the heat generated from the solvent recovery process to reduce gas fuel consumption at the site by over 90% and provide a significant increase in the recovery of waste solvents. 

The Garston facility provides an important service to national and regional pharmaceutical and industrial customers. Veolia recovers waste solvents from production processes by using distillation methods and returns high quality products back into the market.

The development will create short-term construction jobs as well as a further two permanent skilled operational positions at the site.
Veolia Environmental Services' Director, Hazardous Waste, Morgan Toner, commented: "We welcome Liverpool City Council’s decision to grant planning permission for the proposed CHP. The facility reflects our continued commitment to investing in new technology to improve the overall sustainability of our operations and will be constructed and managed to the highest industry standards".