Veolia Supports Science Nights

Science Night is an all night extravaganza with a scientific twist providing education and fun for children and accompanying adults, through an evening of fantastic activities rounded off by camping in the Science Museum overnight. This autumn, the Science Night events will revolve around a recycling theme with the aim of teaching children the importance of the three R’s, Reuse, Reduce and Recycle.

Richard Kirkman, Head of Technology for Veolia Environmental Services says: “As an environmental services company we know how important education is in encouraging good environmental practices in both children and adults. We are delighted to lend our support to the Science Museum’s Science Night and particularly, to sponsor the 140 underprivileged children who can now take part in this fantastic programme.”

The fun-filled evenings and mornings are attended by 380 children and 100 adults who spend a full twelve hours in the museum taking part in a range of science workshops, dramas and hands-on exhibitions.

Emily Lange, Science Night Coordinator at the Science Museum says: “I have been taking part in the Science Night for 5 years and I’m always amazed by the enthusiasm and energy of the children. We ran a set of recycling themed evenings in 2008 which proved to be very popular, and were very much looking forward to doing it again. We were very excited to have Veolia support us and take an active role in the activities by creating a recycling worksheet for the children which has become an important part f our programme.”

Over 4,400 children have attended Science Nights since they first began in 1993. Museum staff work with researchers and scientists to organise dozens of hands-on activities for school children ages 8 to 11. Each year schools from across the country participate in these evenings with an average of 200 children taking part thanks to the bursary fund sponsored by companies like Veolia Environmental Services.

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