Water worker reports on WaterAid work in Zambia on World Water Day, 22nd March

Peter, who is based at Veolia Water's office in Hatfield was chosen for the WaterAid supporters' trip to Zambia along with 11 other representatives from water companies in the UK.

They were able to see for themselves the difference made by funds raised by Veolia water staff and customers when they visited some of the communities that have benefitted from WaterAid's work and some that are still waiting to be helped.

Peter said: "During my time in Zambia I saw the power of supplying clean water, proper sanitation and hygiene education. However, I have seen that there is still so much to do, particularly in a slum area in Lusaka with a population of approx 80,000 where I met with people who have to drink water from a stream that is highly polluted with human and animal waste.

"Until you see it for yourself I don't think you can truly grasp how precious water is. It's something I think we all take for granted - sadly millions of people have no choice but to drink dirty water which will either make them or their children sick."

At present 4,000 children die each day as a result of water borne diseases as they have no choice. WaterAid is working with its partners to provide household latrines, improve clean water supplies and advance education in the slum area around safe water, hygiene and sanitation.

Nikki Skipper, WaterAid's Team Leader, said: "This visit to Zambia enabled us to show how the generosity of Veolia Water fundraisers has helped transform the lives of some of the world's poorest people, bringing safe water, sanitation and improved hygiene to their communities.

On World Water Day, 22nd March, Waterwise has teamed up with a number of UK water companies and Save-a-flush and Hippo the Watersaver to encourage people in the UK to reflect on the value of their tap water and make a difference to those abroad who lack access to clean water.

This World Water Day, when you request a free cistern displacement device to reduce the amount of drinkable water flushed down your toilet, a donation will be made to WaterAid to support their ongoing efforts to transform lives by improving access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation in the world's poorest communities.

Log on to www.waterwise.org.uk to request a free cistern displacement device before the 4th of April.

"To find out more about the groups' experiences on the trip go to www.wateraid.org. You can also read Peter's blog:


Picture Caption: Peter sees for himself the horrendous water source in the Ngombe slums of Lusaka(Photo courtesy WaterAid / Zute Lightfoot)

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·At least 4,000 children die every day as a result of diseases caused by unclean water and poor sanitation.

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