Wembley Scores on Recycling

2013 FA Cup Final set to be greenest ever

The 2013 FA Cup Final with Budweiser is set to be the greenest ever thanks to a striking partnership between recycling and waste collection team, Veolia Environmental Services, and Wembley Stadium. 

As fans tuck in to food and drink inside the Stadium, the Veolia team expects to recycle over 77% of the 32 tonnes of waste predicted to be collected during the event.

The many thousands of supporters attending the game are expected to buy nearly 200,000 items on Saturday and leave behind some really rubbish stats:

• Veolia will recycle 24,000 bottles, saving enough energy for 145 million fans to watch the game on a TV at home
 Veolia will recycle 24 tonnes overall a mixture of paper, card and plastic- the same weight as 1,818 32” TVs to watch the big match on!

Andrew Reidy, Veolia Environmental Services’ General Manager for North London, said: “Our goal is to keep helping Wembley in its efforts to become as green as its hallowed turf.  We’ve had some tremendous successes in recent years and we know we have to remain on top of our game to improve the Stadium’s recycling and sustainability performance even more.”

No one will be chanting “What a load of rubbish” at this final!