Wembley, Wembley, Greenest Ever Cup Final At Wembley

Partnership with Wembley Stadium brings greenest ever FA Cup Final

  • 75% of Wembley waste recycled – over 18 tonnes
  • 50,000 plastic pint pots collected 
  • Over 3,000 pie boxes and 3,000 burger wraps

The 2012 FA Cup Final should be the greenest ever thanks to a striking partnership between collection team, Veolia Environmental Services and Wembley Stadium. 

As Chelsea and Liverpool fans tuck in, the Veolia team expects to clean up over 75% of the 24 tonnes of waste collected to be recycled, up from 50% at the 2011 Cup Final between Manchester City and Stoke City.

The 90,000 supporters from both sides are expected to buy nearly 200,000 items at the Cup Final and leave behind some really rubbish stats:

• Recycling around 50,000 plastic pint pots - the same height as 64 Wembley arches stacked on top of each other!

• Recycling 24,000 plastic drinks bottles - the same height end to end as 1,876 Wembley goals!  

• Recycling 18 tonnes overall - the same weight as 1,383 32” TVs to watch the big match on!

No one will be chanting “What a load of rubbish” at this final!