Pro-Grow is a range of high-quality, organic soil and lawn conditioners made from our green waste recycling activities, which offers an ideal alternative to chemical fertilisation.

Whether you are a large business looking for continuous supply or a home gardener, we can offer a more eco-friendly, carbon neutral way to improve the health and fertility of your soil.

Pro-Grow is made under rigorous quality standards for use in landscaping, agriculture and gardening across the UK.

The UK currently imports the majority of the resources needed for horticultural fertilisers.  Mining of the potassium and phosphorous we need and its transport here is expensive and has a large carbon footprint.

Our composting facilities currently treat hundreds of thousands of tonnes of biowaste every year. We transform this into a range of  PAS100 and Soil Association certified sustainable organic fertilisers, currently producing over 100,000 tonnes a year.

For more information on the Pro-Grow range, please download the leaflets below, telephone 0800 072 2369, contact your local composting site or email