Responsible procurement

We will only work with suppliers that meet our social and environmental standards, as laid out in our procurement policy. Where a supplier is particularly high risk, we carry out a rigorous audit of its environmental, social and ethical policies. In 2013, we carried out 30 such assessments through a specialist sustainable supply chain auditor, the highest number of audits to date.

Wherever possible, we do business with small, local suppliers. We work collaboratively with them to develop action plans to improve their environmental, social and business performance. During 2013, our team worked with 10 first tier suppliers to calculate their CO2 baselines and to estimate cost savings of ‘greening’ their products or processes. 


Working side by side with suppliers

Our annual corporate responsibility supplier workshop in 2013, attended by 61 supplier businesses, demonstrated that sustainability can be a cost-neutral or cost-positive strategy. Following the event, over 90% of participants identified themselves as advocates of corporate responsibility (CR).


We continue to be registered with the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply’s corporate certification scheme, testament to our robust processes, strategies, policies and procedures. 

Supplier satisfaction

Levels of supplier satisfaction have been gradually rising and exceeded our target of 64% in 2013.