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The future of warehousing is cleaner and greener.

Driving efficiencies by rethinking how the warehousing sector can manage its resources

Today's warehouses are under increasing pressure to speed up operations, reduce costs and have less impact on the environment. But with ageing facilities, 24/7 operations and space at a premium, that's no easy task.

With market-leading solutions all under one roof, we can help you to drive efficiencies throughout your facility. Our long-term solutions will reduce costs at every stage in your operation, while preserving your margins and protecting the planet. So you can be part of a cleaner, greener future.

Need to take stock of your operations? We can deliver.

Industry experts that can help you to rethink the ways that you use and manage your resources, to maximise efficiencies and cost savings. Our range of energy, waste and water services can improve your entire operation, from securing a cheaper energy supply and reducing refrigeration and lighting costs, to minimising landfill charges and helping you to realise the value of your waste.

Warehousing challenges

  • >75% of energy bills are for heating and lighting
  • 15% of opex is energy costs
  • Brexit is proving costly by increasing stockpiling
  • Reducing waste is vital
  • Online returns are driving up carbon miles
  • Greenhouse gas emissions are 10% of the UK's total
  • Emissions could double in 20 years

We partner with our warehousing customers to unlock the value across their waste streams to help improve their environmental performance. 

Unlock the
value from waste

Veolia UK _ Warehousing unlocking the value from waste

energy efficiency

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Operate in more
sustainable ways

Veolia UK _ Warehousing operate in more sustainable ways