Services Organisations

Services Sector


The challenges facing services organisations are significant and if not managed correctly can have a serious impact on overall performance. This is true for sectors as varied as healthcare, office buildings, hotel and leisure facilities and data centres.

Managing risk

A key to a successful business is understanding and managing the major risks facing your business. Any risk to day-to-day operations can have a serious impact on your business by reducing your ability to deliver the high quality services your customers demand. A risk which we can help you manage is an interruption to energy supply.

The ideas and innovations that will impact the future of industry in 2050 and release £4 billion in hidden value.

Rising costs of operations

All organisations are under continuous pressure to control costs and deliver value for money. Energy is one of the highest operational costs faced by services organisations. Careful management of these costs is essential and requires specialist expertise.

Increasing regulation and stricter environmental standards

For every type of organisation there are ever increasing regulations and standards to be complied with. These may come at national level from organisation like the Environment Agency, at international level from the EU or at corporate level from targets put in place by Corporate Social Responsibility or Environmental policies. Everyday Veolia experts help our customers to improve their environmental performance and meet or exceed all relevant standards.

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Energy efficiency is a key concern for managers of commercial buildings