If your business produces small volumes of waste which may include some hazardous waste items, you need a quick, simple and compliant waste disposal solution

Does your business dispose of aerosol cans, cleaning chemicals or alkaline batteries? Or even small volumes of waste electrical equipment? We offer a single solution for small packaged waste collections.

How we can help

If your company produces small amounts of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, you may be unsure of the best disposal method. You may even be unsure of what is classified as hazardous waste. Our Ecoservices team can audit your waste streams to identify what hazardous waste you are producing, and in what quantities.

We can then provide you with a unique proposal tailored to your needs. We can provide drums or fluorescent tube storage containers for the collection of more specific waste or, for businesses who only produce small amounts of hazardous waste, this proposal could involve the introduction of EcoBox.

EcoBox is for the safe storage and disposal of small amounts of hazardous and non-hazardous waste in a conveniently-sized, maneuverable, secure and durable container which is made from rigid plastic that prevents any spillage or leakage. The box is stackable and can be stored upright, requiring less space, and when the box is full, we collect the contents at a convenient date and time that works around your business’ operating hours, recycling and reusing the contents where possible. We handle hazardous waste streams in a compliant, responsible manner to minimise any risk to your staff and premises.

How do we create value for you?

Our simple and convenient service takes away the stress of disposing of hazardous waste streams safely and compliantly, which prevents the risk of prosecution, fines and penalties as well as protecting your business’s reputation. We can provide a number of EcoBoxes, drums or fluorescent tube storage containers at various locations nationwide, and have a national fleet of dedicated vehicles, to ensure a local service for all sites. Ecoservices provide a single, simple solution to your hazardous waste requirements.

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