Changes to Christmas and New Year Waste and Recycling Collection Services

Veolia and Sheffield City Council would like to advise residents that their waste and recycling collection days will change over the festive period. The changes are being made to ensure minimum delays to collections over Christmas and New Year.

Tags are being attached to resident’s bins to provide details of their Christmas and New Year collection dates. The tags also include the collections calendar for 2016.

‘Over 200,000 tags will be distributed to make sure we give residents plenty of warning of the changes to collections’ said Francis Drew, Operations Manager at Veolia, ‘and if your bin isn’t out we’ll be posting the tag through your letterbox.’

The changes will affect collections between 25th December and 9 th of January, but all collection days will return to normal from Monday 11th January.

Veolia and Sheffield City Council are asking residents to check their tag so they understand the changes over the festive period, and make sure their black or blue bin/box is out at the kerbside by 7am on their new collection day.

During the festive period, we will take small amounts of extra black bin waste as long as it is bagged and placed next to the black bin on collection day. Small pieces of extra paper and card can be neatly bundled with string, and placed next to the blue bin containers for collection. Extra glass bottles, jars, cans and plastic bottles can be taken to a local recycling site.

Household Waste Recycling Centres will close at 3pm on Thursday 24th December and Thursday 31st December. They will also be closed on Friday 25th, Saturday 26th December and Friday 1 st January.

All staff at Veolia and Sheffield City Council would like to thank residents for their support during the festive period.

For more information: Visit:, email: [email protected] or call 0114 273 4567.

Here is a full list of the Festive period date changes: 

Normal Collection Day                          New Collection Day
Friday 25 December                               Monday 28 December
Monday 28 December                           Tuesday 29 December
Tuesday 29 December                           Wednesday 30 December
Wednesday 30 December                    Thursday 31 December
Thursday 31 December                         Sunday 3 January
Friday 1 January                                       Monday 4 January
Monday 4 January                                   Tuesday 5 January
Tuesday 5 January                                   Wednesday 6 January
Wednesday 6 January                            Thursday 7 January
Thursday 7 January                                 Friday 8 January
Friday 8 January                                       Saturday 9 January

All back to normal from Monday 11 January