Swap your plastic carrier bags for a free bag for life

Veolia Environmental Services and Sheffield City Council are encouraging Sheffield shoppers to ditch their plastic carrier bags in favour of a reusable bag for life during an amnesty on Saturday 16 November 2013.

From 10am until 3pm, Veolia’s waste awareness team will be out on Angel Street swapping single use plastic bags for reusable ‘Recycle for Sheffield bags for life in a bid to cut down on the number of plastic bags accepted by Sheffield residents. In the UK last year, we used over 8 billion carrier bags* during supermarkets shopping trips, most of which ended up in our black bins.

The manufacture and transportation of single use plastic bags has a huge carbon footprint and contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions. Littered plastic bags are not only an eyesore but can pose a serious threat to wildlife.

Jack Scott, Cabinet Member for Environment, Recycling and Streetscene comments: “We are holding the plastic bag amnesty in a bid to encourage residents to say ‘no’ to single use plastic bags and raise awareness about the impact plastic bags can have on our planet and world resources. We will be swapping residents plastic bags for reusable bags that can literally be used for life!Bags will be issued on a first come first saved basis whilst stocks last.”

Once you start using reusable bags it’s all about getting into the habit of remembering to take them with you when you go shopping and keeping a supply in the boot of your car. It is also important to ensure that if you do have any plastic bags, they are reused as many times as possible and then recycled at your local supermarket or Recycling Site.

For more information about waste and recycling, please visit: www.veolia.co.uk/sheffield or call: 0114 273 4567. If you are a Twitter user and wish to follow us then you can find the ‘Recycle4Sheffield’ profile page at: www.twitter.com/recycle4shef



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