The word on the street is ‘recycling’

Sheffield City Council and Veolia Environmental Services are pleased to announce that a doorstepping campaign will be hitting the streets of Sheffield from Monday 24th of October. The campaign is aimed at increasing recycling and helping residents to avoid contamination by explaining what can and can’t be recycled and why.

The doorstepping teams will be out and about in the city over the next six weeks, speaking to residents to offer friendly advice and reminders.  Doorstepping advice will include:

  • Promotion of the recycling service and how to use the service
  • Explaining what can and can’t be recycled
  • The need to separate paper and card from glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles and cans
  • That small amounts of extra paper and card will be taken if bundled neatly with string
  • The need to keep out items that will ‘contaminate’ paper and card recycling like takeaway pizza boxes and foil wrapping paper

For more information on waste and recycling in Sheffield, please visit: or call: 0114 273 4567

Councillor Leigh Bramall, cabinet member for the environment and transport comments: "This personal contact with residents will help us explain the benefits of recycling.  We want to ensure that as much as possible is being recycled by encouraging those currently not using the service to do so and to help those unsure as to what they can recycle to get the information they need.  I hope that everyone will take this opportunity to talk to the Veolia representatives so they can gain maximum benefit from the services provided."

Judith Turner, operations director for Veolia Environmental Services in Sheffield also comments: “Doorstepping is a great way to raise awareness of recycling by actually speaking to residents.  Our teams will be able to explain to residents exactly how to use the recycling service in their area and answer any queries they may have.”

For more information on waste and recycling in Sheffield, please visit: or call: 0114 273 4567.  If you are a Twitter user and wish to follow us then you can find the ‘Recycle4Sheffield’ profile page at:

Important information:
Doorstepping, sometimes called door canvassing or knocking, is a type of communication that involves a face-to-face conversation with householders on their doorstep. 

There are four doorstepping teams.  The teams will be working early evenings and weekends.  All doorsteppers will carry a Veolia identification badge and a letter of authority from Sheffield City Council.