Hazardous Waste Services

Solvent recovery and recycling

We can recover and recycle your waste solvents back into product grade material.

Our solvent recovery plant offers a unique service for the handling, cleansing, purification and recycling of a wide range of solvents.

Potentially harmful substances can be cleaned and purified, reducing the need to manufacture virgin solvents from non-renewable resources.

Solvent recovery and recycling is achieved through a distillation process that separates the pure solvent from contaminants.

This is accomplished through fractionation. The fractionator uses steam, vacuum and the physical properties of the solvents under test, to produce high purity streams from a mixture of solvents.

A complete service

Our solvent recovery service manages your waste from collection, through recovery, recycling, re-use and final residual disposal, supplying accurate documentation and taking care of your legal obligations.

What we can do to assist you:
  • We can sample and analyse your waste, advising on its suitability for recovery, reuse and residual disposal
  • We will take care of all the appropriate documentation on your behalf
  • Your waste will be collected in a purpose-built vehicle, at an agreed time, by fully trained and equipped staff
  • We can either return the recovered solvents to you, or supply them to a new user
  • We will supply reports concerning audit trails for material tendered, mass balances and certificates of recycling and/or disposal
We can also handle your regular hazardous waste on site via a fully PPC-permitted hazardous waste management centre.

Thin Film Evaporation Service

We can now recycle more solvents than ever before with the introduction of our Thin Film Evaporation service. This sustainable solution offers maximum value, reduces environmental impact and contributes to the circular economy by reprocessing crude solvents into green products that can be resused again and again. This video explains how it's done...
Solvent recovery and recycling leaflet
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Thin Film Evaporation Brochure
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Transform your organic and solvent wastes into a replacement for fossil fuels.

For secure destruction of hazardous, non-hazardous, low-level radioactive and confidential materials.