Residents asked to think outside the (recycling) box to mark National Recycle Week

With National Recycle Week upon us once again next week (12 to 18 September), residents across East Sussex and Brighton & Hove are being encouraged to think outside the box and recycle “unusual suspects” around the home.

The annual week-long national campaign is being supported by Veolia and aims to raise awareness of all those items that often get forgotten about when recycling at home such as spray cans, shampoo bottles and dishwasher tablet boxes can also be recycled.

Allan Key, General Manager for Veolia, said:
“Most people now recycle and are good at it but some items can easily be missed - things like empty perfume bottles or deodorant cans, bathroom sprays or shampoo bottles are often left out.  We are encouraging residents during National Recycle Week to remember the “unusual suspects” when you are recycling at home and don’t forget to collect all your upstairs and bathroom recyclables too!”
For details of your nearest Household Waste Recycling Site, and opening hours please visit call 01273 511324.