Veolia announces application to vary planning permission for Newhaven Energy Recovery Facility

Veolia is seeking to source non-recyclable commercial and industrial waste for its Newhaven Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) from areas neighbouring East Sussex and Brighton & Hove.

The planning application to East Sussex County Council requires the lifting of an existing planning condition and will ensure the facility continues to operate at its optimum efficiency producing enough energy to power 25,000 homes continuously.

The facility is at the forefront of developments in urban sustainable energy and produces up to 19MW of electricity for the National Grid playing a significant role in supporting landfill diversion.  

Allan Key, General Manager for Veolia in South Downs, said: “The planning application submitted seeks permission for an extended catchment area outside East Sussex and Brighton & Hove.  It requires the lifting of an existing planning condition but will not lead to any physical changes at the ERF or any increase to the existing 242,000tpa capacity.

“Energy demands are going to increase year on year. Facilities such as the one we have here in Newhaven recovers energy from waste that would otherwise be lost by going to out of county landfill.  The plant is pivotal to the county’s carbon strategy and it is vital that it operates at optimum efficiency.”    



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