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Southdowns - Composting

Find out the role composting plays in the strategy Southdowns waste strategy

Green garden waste which we receive from the network of Household Waste Recycling Sites in East Sussex and Brighton & Hove will be composted at an enclosed composting facility to produce an organic soil conditioner.

The enclosed composting process

The green garden material is delivered to an enclosed hall where any remaining plastic bags are manually removed. It is then shredded and mixed and processed in an enclosed unit.

Over a period of 14 days, a control system feeds air into the chamber and controls moisture and temperature to continually break down the material. The compost is then removed for a final period of maturation, after which it is graded and marketed.

What you can do

Home compost cuttings from the garden, fruit and vegetable peelings and coffee grounds. Take your green garden waste to the Household Waste Recycling Sites for composting.

To avoid the use of landfill and increase recycling and recovery.
A crucial part of the strategy is to reduce and reuse rubbish.
Recycling is a very important part of the strategy, as it allows us to extract materials from the waste stream and recover value from them.
Waste which isn’t separated for recycling or composting by the householder will be used to recover energy.