Veolia east sussex Energy Recovery

Southdowns - Energy Recovery

How do we treat waste non-recyclable waste generated by the residents of Southdowns

It will be processed through an Energy Recovery facility which will burn the rubbish under highly controlled conditions, recovering heat energy to generate electricity.

The energy recovery process

Waste is fed onto a grate where it is fully burned. The resulting bottom ash passes through a handling system where metals are extracted for recycling. The remaining ash is then sent for recycling within the construction industry and/or disposal. Hot gases produced in the combustion process are cooled in a boiler which then produces steam.

A turbo-generator uses the steam to produce electricity for export to the local grid. The gases from the boiler go through an extensive flue gas cleaning process. This produces a residue, which is sent to a controlled licensed landfill. The cleaned gases are finally released to the atmosphere through the chimney.

To avoid the use of landfill and increase recycling and recovery.
A crucial part of the strategy is to reduce and reuse rubbish.
Recycling is a very important part of the strategy, as it allows us to extract materials from the waste stream and recover value from them.
Composting plays an important role in the strategy.