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Southdowns - Reduce and Reuse

A crucial part of the Southdowns recycling and waste strategy is to reduce and reuse rubbish

We have produced literature to give practical advice to householders on how to cut their rubbish, we are supporting reuse at the Household Waste Recycling Sites and forging links with reuse charities, and we are committed to supporting and promoting local waste and education schemes.

What you can do: reduce your rubbish by buying items which contain less packaging, or choosing reusable goods instead of disposable.

To avoid the use of landfill and increase recycling and recovery via:

Reduce and reuse initiatives

Sorting of dry recyclables

Composting of green garden waste

Energy Recovery

To avoid the use of landfill and increase recycling and recovery.
Recycling is a very important part of the strategy, as it allows us to extract materials from the waste stream and recover value from them.
Composting plays an important role in the strategy.
Waste which isn’t separated for recycling or composting by the householder will be used to recover energy.