Don't waste your Halloween pumpkin!

What's scarier than witches and ghosts at Halloween? What about 15 million pumpkins that are thrown away every Halloween? It would be enough to make a bowl of pumpkin soup for everyone in Britain, according to environmental waste charity Hubbub, which organises the #PumpkinRescue campaign, now in its 5th year.

When you carve a grinning face on your pumpkin please make sure to use the flesh to cook a spicy pumpkin soup or faBOOlous Halloween cupcakes. For delicious recipes to make use of those pumpkin carving visit Once your carved pumpkins have done a good amount of scaring banish them to your blue food waste bin to turn them into renewable energy and fertiliser.

Don't forget to cut your pumpkin into small pieces to fit in your food waste bin. Alternatively, you can present it on or next to your food waste bin and we will collect it.

This Halloween, don't waste your pumpkin!