Residents of Southend-on-Sea Borough satisfied with their waste and recycling services

Customer Satisfaction Survey results in for Southend residents

Last Autumn Veolia - Southend-on-Sea Borough Council’s recycling, waste and street cleansing contractor-asked residents via a Customer Satisfaction Survey to rate their performance and to share ideas for improving their service.

A total of 5,248 local residents took the time to provide feedback on their recycling and waste collections, street and beach cleansing, the household waste and recycling centres as well as the information the company provides about its services.  Residents also reported their experience of the customer service they received after they had contact Veolia.

Overall, residents’ satisfaction with the recycling and waste collection services is high with 86% of residents satisfied. Residents highlighted issues with scattered rubbish as a result of ripped bags that are sometimes caused by scavenging animals or bags splitting. Veolia will look at improving the cleaning services after collection.

Satisfaction with services at the Household Waste & Recycling Centres is very high (88%). However access can be difficult and long queues form regularly so Veolia is considering how best to improve access to the sites and reduce queues on site. Webcams are now in place at both HWRCs so residents can check the queues online before visiting via

Two thirds of residents are satisfied with beach and street cleanliness (67% and 68% respectively). A majority of residents suggest that high footfall areas require more frequent cleaning but also recognise that members of the public carry the responsibility for keeping public spaces clean. Street cleansing team schedules have been reviewed by Veolia to provide consistent cover. Veolia will explore further options for raising public awareness and education about fly-tipping and littering, and the work undertaken by Veolia to keep the borough clean.

75% of residents are satisfied with the information received about their waste and recycling services. Veolia will continue to update its communications and publications, ensuring that services that are less understood by the public are promoted. More information can be found online at 

Finally, less than half (44%) of respondents reported that they have had contact with Veolia and of those two thirds (71%) were satisfied with the experience. Veolia will work on improving the systems in place to report and resolve issues and to follow through on identified actions. Members of the public can report any issue they experience to the Council at:

Keith McGurk, regional director for Veolia says: “We want to thank residents for taking the time to take part in the survey. Their feedback is really important to us. 

We are really pleased to see such high levels of satisfaction with our waste and recycling services. Southend on Sea Borough Council and Veolia have worked hard in recent years to improve our waste services and it’s great that these efforts are being recognised.  

We will continue to work hard to maintain the quality of our services, and to make good use of the feedback we received to further improve them.”

Summary Customer Satisfaction Survey (200.03 KB)