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Garden waste collections

Garden waste collections
Veolia in partnership with Southend-on-Sea can collect your garden waste for a fee. 

Important information:  
Customers signed up to our Garden Waste Collection Service will soon be receiving confirmation that your annual renewal is due. Where payment is collected via direct debit we will collect £41.50 on or around the 28th February 2017. For those paying by card or cheque the amount due is £49.80.  This will cover collections beginning the 3rd March.

Please see here for further information on the service.
Have you ever thought about home composting?  This is a great way to help the environment! Composting is nature’s way of recycling.   Composting at home reduces the need to transport your waste by carbon emitting lorries, and you can use the compost you make on your own garden! For more information please click here

We’ve also included some hints and tips on reducing your food waste in the 'Recycle for Southend' section of the website.