Local council receives funding boost for communal estate recycling project

Southwark Council has been awarded £36,000 by LWARB (London Waste and Recycling Board) to increase recycling awareness on housing estates that have a communal recycling bin collection only. Working alongside their recycling and waste partner Veolia, a project has been devised to increase residents’ knowledge about what materials can be recycled, along with the benefits of recycling.

At the heart of this project are three dedicated Recycling Support Officers who for the next two months are on a mission to educate, answer queries and ensure residents on estates know where their communal recycling bins are located and how to use them correctly.

The three officers have a target of door canvassing 2250 properties each week and are doing a sterling job so far.

Vinroy Webster, Recycling Support Team Leader at Veolia said, "The team are working really hard and are enjoying speaking with Southwark residents about their communal recycling service. There are many residents already recycling, who use their service every week without fail; however my officers are there for those residents who are unsure about recycling or for those who need advice on all the different materials that can be placed inside their communal recycling bins."

Councillor Barrie Hargrove, cabinet member for transport, environment and recycling, said: "I am delighted to be have been awarded funding from the London Waste and Recycling Board. Our residents on estates already do a great job at recycling but with greater outreach, we hope to see the number of people recycling increase. I would encourage that anyone with any questions about recycling should take time out to discuss things with the Recycling Support Officers."

If you live in a flat or a block of flats you may receive a visit soon. Look out for our three Recycling Support Officers, they will be able to help you with any queries or advice you may need on recycling and reducing your waste. For more information about recycling in general visit the Southwark Council website www.southwark.gov.uk/recycle .