London Snow: disruption to waste collections in Southwark

In the interests of safety, Veolia Southwark, in partnership with Southwark Council, has taken the decision to suspend waste collections due to the dangerous conditions in the borough.

Veolia decision on Southwark waste collections amid London snow

Due to hazardous road conditions caused by snowfall and freezing temperatures, there have been no household waste collection services in Southwark today (1st March). With further snowfall and freezing temperatures forecast to continue, disruption is likely to continue for a few days resulting in delays to all household waste collection services. Veolia Southwark is working in partnership with Southwark Council to monitor the situation and return waste collection services to normal as soon as possible. Southwark Council will update residents via Twitter and on their website with information about the actions we are taking to return collections to normal. 

In the meantime, we would ask residents to do what they can to manage their waste whilst waste collections are delayed. You can do this for example by flattening cardboard boxes and by squashing plastic bottles and drinks cartons so they take up less space in recycling bins. If you have a brown bin you can use this for food waste if you don’t already do so. Residents should leave waste bins in the usual place for collection as normal until they have been emptied. 

Victor Evans, Contract Manager said: “We apologise for the disruptions to services due to the snowy conditions affecting roads and footpaths in the borough. We hope to be able to catch up on some collections over Saturday and Sunday if conditions allow. We will continue to review conditions and will keep residents updated via the Council website and