Real Nappy demos with Storytime at your local library

To celebrate this year’s Real Nappy Week (18 to 24 April), Veolia the recycling and waste partner of Southwark Council are hosting a bundle of baby and toddler storytime sessions as part of their real nappy demonstration activities at local libraries.

The storytime sessions will feature a fun and educational character called Munch the recycling truck and there will be free copies of ‘Munch and the Funny Tummy’ book for all little ones who attend.  Parents will also have the opportunity to learn about real nappies and how to order their free, real nappy trial pack.
Ian McGeough Programme Manager for Veolia Southwark and coordinator of the storytime sessions said, “Over 5000 nappies are thrown away in just one child’s lifetime and each nappy can take up to 500 years to break down at a landfill site. So this Real Nappy Week we will be reminding Southwark residents how they can try Real Nappies for free and what a difference using real nappies can make to the environment and their pocket”.
Councillor Darren Merrill, cabinet member for environment and the public realm, said: “In Southwark we’re committed to reducing waste and encouraging re-use whenever possible. Real nappies are a great way to do this, not only are they cheaper for parents but they help to keep Southwark a cleaner and greener place to live, work and visit.”
New parents in Southwark can save at least £500 per child by using real nappies. Many parents also favor the soft comfortable fabrics as being kinder to little bottoms and enjoy the fun and functional designs. Last year a pilot study revealed that 92% of parents would recommend a real nappy pack to friend or relative. They also “noticed the reduction in waste straight away” and “only use disposables 25% of the time now”.
Storytime venues dates and times
The Veolia Southwark team will be visiting the following libraries:

Library: Monday 18 April Tuesday 19 April Thursday 21 April Friday 22 April Monday 25 April Thursday 28 April
Camberwell 10.30-12.00          
Kingswood 10.30-12.00          
Nunhead         14.00-15.00  
John Harvard   10.00-11.30        
Peckham   10.30-12.00        
Blue Anchor     10.30-12.00      
Canada Water     11.00-11.45      
Dulwich     13.30-15.00      
East Street           10.30-12.00
Newington Temp.           10.30-11.15
Brandon       11.00-12.00    
Grove Vale       10.30-12.00    

Real nappies are promoted across the UK predominantly because of their environmental and financial benefits.  Currently the UK throws away three billion disposables every year with 90% going to landfill.
Parents or soon to be parents who live in Southwark can apply for a free trial pack by filling in an online form at
The free real nappy trial pack consists of:
3 x real nappies – one from each of the leading British stockists
50 x flushable liners
1 x velcro fastening wrap
1 x wet bag
Further information about Real Nappy Week 2016 can be found at