Southwark students get a recycling education with Veolia

Seven university halls around the borough are taking part in a new trial which aims to substantially improve the amount of waste that students recycle across the borough.

Life as a new student can be daunting, having to start afresh in a new town, maybe a new country, getting up early for lectures, being bombarded with a heavy workload not to mention the cost of being a student. Therefore it’s not surprising that recycling may not be at the top of their priority list. This may go towards explaining that whilst Southwark remains the top inner London authority for recycling, student recycling is much lower than average.      
With 10% of Southwark’s population being students, small improvements to their recycling behavior could have a huge impact on the boroughs recycling rate. As a result Veolia, the recycling and waste partner of Southwark Council, have begun a trial at seven University halls, which focuses on ensuring the service provided to each halls of residency is easy to use, accessible and working well. This trial also aims to engage with the students and change their current behavior when it comes to recycling, this involves recycling competitions and drop in sessions to help students understand what can be recycled.   
Programme Manager and Coordinator of this project for Veolia, Ian McGeough said, ‘Southwark students make up over 10% of the borough’s population, by equipping them with the right recycling and sustainability knowledge Veolia can help them to positively impact on Southwark’s recycling rate.’
Davinder Ratra the front of house manager for Bankside House and Butlers Wharf said; ‘Veolia’s Southwark facility organised a successful student engagement day at Bankside House to raise recycling awareness among the residents. With a chance to win £30 worth of shopping vouchers, the recycling quiz was a hit. This engagement day along with the university’s own recycling and sustainability programmes forms a part of the joint student recycling engagement project. Watch this space for more updates and success stories!’
The trial will run until the end of the academic year and if successful will be rolled out to all university halls across the borough.