Top goals and great saves – How to recycle more this World Cup!

More than a quarter of billion people worldwide are expected to watch this year’s World Cup. Many of which will be hosting parties and events that will greatly increase the amount of waste produced. Veolia, Southwark Council’s recycling and waste partner will be working hard to ensure everything is collected, but everyone can help by ensuring that World Cup waste is not wasted by recycling all you can.

Fabrice Bouchon, General Manager for Veolia in Southwark said, “Much more waste will be generated during the World Cup with parties and celebrations taking place. However residents can do their bit for the environment by remembering all the items that can be recycled in Southwark including drink cans, plastic bottles tubs and trays, glass bottles and jars, foil trays, cardboard boxes and takeaway cartons.  Also if you’re having a party let people know how to recycle at your home, it takes little time and can help us to save precious resources!”

Metal cans are 100% recyclable; they can be recycled again and again and can be back on the shelf within 60 days! One metal drinks can, over the cycle of a year, can be recycled eight times. This saves enough energy to make another 160 cans.

It takes a quarter of the energy to make a plastic bottle from recycled plastic as it does from new materials making it worthwhile recycling those extra bottles.

You might be surprised at what recyclable items can be turned into:

  • Glass bottles can be turned back into more bottles and jars again and again
  • 25 drinks bottles can become a fleece jacket
  • Plastic bottles can be turned into new park benches 

Remember it's not just your tins and cans, plastic and glass bottles that can be recycled. If you're buying a brand new team football shirt this World Cup, it might be greener than you think. England’s World Cup kit has been made from recycled plastic bottles. So your recycling efforts can be seen both at home and in Brazil.

And it doesn't have to end there - there are lots of textile banks where you can take your old, unwanted football shirts. Find your nearest recycling bank by visiting



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